Applying concrete measures and our comprehensive approach, our programmes support teams, individuals and managers on their path to continuous self-development. That way, we promote a positive working atmosphere, offer tools to avoid conflicts and sustainably strengthen more effective cooperation.


Group sizes vary at our events. Ranging from 1 to 20 participants per group – precisely focussed and hands-on.


Upfront, we take a close look at your challenges and customise our content and methods to meet your specific needs.


Working from analysing the current situation to modelling measures and implementing them at a purpose driven level, we ensure development of positive change.


Our systemic activation of individual change processes permanently increases the ability to deal with emotions and interpersonal relationships.


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We provide targeted and straightforward workshops, coaching and training programmes. Designed for teams, individuals and executives.
Exciting, inspiring & challenging – yet always relevant, practical and holistic.


Strengthening teams with emotional intelligence. Promoting effective communication, empathy and cooperation to maximise performance as a team.


Deeply anchored self-reflection and empathy to create an inspiring working environment and activate new, personal impulses for future decisions.


People who feel psychologically safe are more willing to share innovative ideas, give feedback and admit mistakes to learn from them.


Through E.I. training for trainers, you create a mindful and positive learning environment in which you can motivate and support your participants in a positive and intuitive way.


By training your E.I. experts, we ensure a continuous transfer of knowledge and sustainable development of E.I. skills in your company.


Emotional Intelligence 1.0

Emotional intelligence (E.I.) is about the ability to recognise, understand and regulate emotions and to use them effectively in social relationships.

E.I. embraces sensitivity to one’s own feelings and the feelings of others. It gives us the ability to deal with emotions in a healthy and constructive way, to communicate effectively and to build empathic and productive relationships.

Through this workshop, participants will learn to increase their emotional intelligence to promote healthier relationships, mental well-being and physical health.

The fundamentalsof emotional intelligenceMotivational andemotional systemsEmotions, feelingsand consequencesE.I. Skills andpersonality traits


Achieving conflict-free and efficient teamwork

Our E.I. Team Workshop strengthens emotional team intelligence by enabling individual team members to recognise themselves more actively in the context of the team.

Identifying and accepting your own strengths and weaknesses and recognising the impact of your own emotions on the team enables you to manage stress effectively, resolve conflicts efficiently and establish better communication rules.

This workshop is suitable for all hierarchical levels and provides a useful introduction to understanding team dynamics.


Freedom of expression without fear of negative consequences

Psychological safety is a key element in teams. It means that members can express ideas and concerns without fear of consequences. This encourages open communication, creativity and teamwork.

In environments with psychological safety, employees are more motivated, innovative and satisfied, which ultimately leads to successful and productive organisations.

Our psychological safety workshop raises awareness and skills to foster an open, trusting and constructive team environment.


St. Gallen Coaching Model (SCM) ®

Our team coaching centres on the St. Gallen Coaching Model, which aims to significantly improve team performance.

Its holistic approach emphasises the importance of analysing team dynamics and setting clear goals. Focussed interventions to improve cooperation and continuous reflection support the integration of changes into everyday working life.

This coaching process consists of two modules that promote team performance alongside the individual development of team members, resulting in sustainable improvements in teamwork. The modules are interrelated and can also be booked as individual seminars.


St. Gallen Coaching Model (SCM) ®

We provide individual coaching following the 5-dimensional, systemic and value-orientated St. Gallen Coaching Model (SCM) ®.

It promotes efficient, holistic personality development with a sustainable effect thanks to its value-orientation. Using elements of depth psychology, the coaching process develops intrinsically motivated, comprehensive new skills.

The effectiveness of the St. Gallen Coaching Model has been scientifically validated in studies from 2011, 2014 and 2017.